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Consumer Guidlines

Before Cleaning:

  • Make sure all small breakable items are removed from tables , dressers & china cabinets.
  • Remove shoes and other items off floor and from under beds and closet carpets.

During Cleaning:

  SPOTS AND STAINS: Not all stains can be removed completely even with the chemicals of professional spotting agents. Due to dye characteristics, pH effects, oxidation and other reactions, some spots may not be completely removed.
AIR FILTRATION LINES:  (Dark lines that often appear around wall edges and under doorways). It is difficult to predict how filtration lines will respond to cleaning for they are a combination  of excess soil and discoloration due to various gasses passing over the carpet from the air filtering system. The soil will be removed, however the remaining discoloration may be still quite noticeable.

TRAFFIC AREAS:More heavily used areas often show some degree of minor discoloration after cleaning. If area does not show noticeable improvement after cleaning it may be to warn and should be replaced. If spots return a day later or so, you may have excess soil in the lowest part of the carpet and may need to clean the back of the carpet. This gets into restoration at that point. This is called wicking up. Do not let your carpet go over 1 year without cleaning. This WILL happen sooner or later to your carpet if you do not maintain it on a regular basis.

SAFETY:For health and safety reasons always keep small children and pets of freshly cleaned carpets until they are completely dried. Walking from damp carpet to vinyl floors ,tile or even hardwood surfaces may become extremely slippery. Always take your time and walk carefully.

After Cleaning :

It is best to stay off damp carpet as much as possible both to avoid soil tracking and to allow the pile to dry in its “up” position.

If you walk directly on the damp carpet, it’s best not to wear shoes, for shoe dye under some circumstances can transfer to the carpet.

Drying time: Between 4-24 hours depending on the fiber and degree of soiling and with method was use. If the carpet was treated with a protector, allow 24 hours for curing time.

Foil squares or blocks sometimes are found under your furniture and should be left in place 24-48 hours .

Protect yourself by getting a FREE WRITTEN ESTIMATE.

 Ask yourself before choosing a Carpet or Upholstery Cleaner, do I want a quality job done or am I just looking for a cheap price and not concerned about quality.

You can get a quality job at a reasonable price but remember you get what you pay for.